Supported Projects

WEDnesday - 28/10/2015 04:11    

1. Supported Projects:

a) Research and develop new, advanced and high technologies to create new products and services;

b) Incubate technologies; pilot production of new products;

c) Train S&T development manpower for technology transfer and application;

d) Transfer, improve, innovate technologies to produce key, hi-tech, and national products.

2. Researches and studies:

a) Study pre-feasibility research projects on new or advanced technology development for organizations, business and individuals;

b) To search and decode technologies, exploit patents and improve techniques for new and advanced technology development.

3. Technology innovation activities:

a) To introduce, popularize and transfer advanced technology applications for agricultural, forestry and aquatic developments in rural and mountainous areas ( Article 35, Law on Tecnology Transfer 2006);

b) To train and improve S&T knowledge, outsource S&T dosmestic and foreign experts for new, advanced technology development, technology innovation of enterprises.

The references about the supported tasks of Fund